I went for a totally tribal look when I came up with this outfit, and it has got to be my favorite one to date. One of the rare times I decide to wear pigtails and it actually fits the theme. I love vibrant colors–they just make everything so lively! The term “tribal” also reminds me of the olden days when people were actually one with Mother Earth. *cue Colors of the Wind * I’m serious though! Learning about how detrimental anthropogenic activities are to nature makes me wonder what the world would be like in fifty years or so.

I made sure my skirt was the statement piece of this outfit. I built everything around its color palette, and luckily, it worked out! I love how the hues of the skirt tie in with the colors of nature. Blues, greens, and hints of red remind me of a forest view with a clear sky up above and dots of flowers growing all about.

Since my skirt just stood out, I chose to stay on the safe side so I wore a simple black tank top. My Aunt got it for me, and I’m glad she did! It’s a basic wardrobe piece. It was perfect, especially since the skirt had a black band at the waist. I’d like to believe that I achieved some sort of balance with my decision.

I just love how my accessories complemented my skirt in that they had practically the same colors. My earrings were a great find, actually! I got them a couple of years ago and they still work with today’s style. My tribal bracelets also went perfectly with the whole ensemble. The chevron print and the horizontal lines just tie everything together (and guess what? I got them on one of our trips to Baguio! Bargain shopper right here.) That’s an achievement in the aspects of both shapes and colors!

I made sure that my sandals went with the whole vibe of my outfit. Tons of bead-work, simple style…the fact that they’re dark brown and not black makes it less predictable. After all, black is predominant in my outfit so I decided to shift to another color. Doesn’t it also remind you of the damp wood of forest trees?

My sunnies just add oomph and a little more attitude to my overall look. I love how the frame is not solid black and how there are tiny swirls in the corners. This is a variation of the Prada baroque sunnies I wore here. As I stated before, they’re just patterned after the originals! I love ’em anyway.

Now I’m no tree hugger, but I do believe in preserving and caring for the environment we were blessed with.

Cheers to our beautiful world in the hopes that it will stay that way!

Express tanktop, Ellemel tribal skirt, Payless sandals, NAVA sunnies, Claire’s earrings, Baguio bracelets

♥ Tassja


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